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William Kopelk is a Founder and Chairman of the Palm Springs Modernism Week and has served since 2005; he also served on the Outreach Committee for the Modernism Committee of the State Historical Preservation Committee; previously served as a Commissioner on the Palm Springs Architectural Advisory Committee from 2004-2008; served as a Council Board member on the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Council from 2003-2008; past Board member and President of the Palm Springs Historic Site Preservation Foundation (PSPF); Founder of the Edwards Harris Pavilion, Palm Springs Art Museum of Architecture and Design; received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon (1979); worked as a Landscape Architect at Harvard University; Cambridge, MA; worked as a Landscape Architect at The Architect’s Collaborative (TAC, founded by Walter Gropius) in Cambridge, MA from 1981-1984; worked in various architectural offices in New York City from 1985-1995; since 1998 William has owned and operated his own landscape design firm, Inside Outside Inc.

Inside Outside Inc. has worked with structures designed by the following architects:

  • Richard Neutra

  • Frank Lloyd Wright

  • Hugh Kaptur

  • Pereira & Luckman

  • Palmer and Krisel

  • William Cody

  • Donald Wexler

  • Albert Frey

  • John Porter Clark

  • Craig Ellwood

  • Herbert Burns

  • Steven Ehrlich

  • James Cioffi

  • Lance O'Donnell

  • Sean Lockyer

Partial client list:

  • ACE Hotel

  • The Saguaro Hotel

  • The Town and Desert Hotel

  • Desert AIDS Project

  • Robinson's Department Store

  • Kaufmann House

  • Wexler Steel House

  • Wexler Family Home