Goldenrod Lane
Palm Springs, CA

The landscape architect designed an exaggerated pre-historic concept contrasting against the ultra modern architecture and providing a scale more complementary to the front of the house. Mature date palms and large boulders in the front yard delivered that concept and worked well with the water collection areas in the front.

The architect also created a meandering river of golden barrel cactus that begins in the back courtyard, penetrates the elliptical opening in the front wall and wraps around the front of the house. Unique tree aloes were used in the driveway planter to further support the pre-historic look of the front yard and mark the house entrance. Up-lighting creates drama at night and the provides a marker for the front entrance of the house.

In the back, perimeter plantings were installed to provide privacy from their southern neighbors. A fire pit sitting area was created along with a secondary buffer of fruitless olive trees to create an intimate space to enjoy the mountain views. All the previous plant material from the front yard was relocated to the back and northern yards for a park like aesthetic. Variable sized concrete stepping pads in the back mimic the organic meandering of the golden barrels in the front yard. This serene environment is perfect for meditation. The owners are tremendously satisfied with the end result and feel the landscaping now effectively complements their home design.

  • The Flintstones meets the Jetsons; pre-historic vs ultra modern

  • Establish perimeter plantings for privacy

  • Focus on stunning mountain views

  • Establish a ribbon of continuity between front and back yards with 'river of golden barrel cactus'